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A unique approach to monetising stage content


StagePlayer+ brings together the collective weight of Performing Arts, music concerts & theatre shows, compounding content discovery and monetisation in one App.

A single, scaled, consumer supported and marketed solution that delivers content direct to consumers through Pay Per View, Transactional Video On Demand to rent for 48-hours, or subscription-based collections. Live, as-live and pre-recorded.

StagePlayer+ is available to over 500 million households around the world as a dedicated app on large screen TV devices and platforms, including Amazon's FireTV, together with desktop and mobile browser versions at

Throughout 2023, the roll out continues on Samsung, LG, Android TV and AppleTV; together with major cable & satellite-based PayTV platforms around the world. 

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Premium Performing Arts Content

StagePlayer+ is open to featuring all premium Performing Arts content in HD quality.
From live pop, rock and classical music concerts and West End & Broadway theatre shows to collections and single productions.




StagePlayer+ is available worldwide. Uniquely we can geo-restrict your content just to the regions of the world that you select.

Your content is made available on a rental or Pay Per View basis at a price point you're comfortable with.

Your content is available for as long as you want.  From one night only to every day across multi-years.

Commercial Model

StagePlayer+ does not charge content partners any upfront onboarding or encoding fees.


We operate a fair revenue share model contributing to platform development, operations, distribution costs, CDN, customer care, audience viewing reporting, treasury functionality and marketing activities.

Subject to GDPR compliance, data specific to a content partner’s transactions (email address, etc) can be shared, on request - confidentiality with that content partner.

Your Pay Per View Platform

If you have premium Performing Arts content and would like to monetise it with StagePlayer+ we'd love to hear from you.  

Please email us:

Or complete the form below and a member of our experienced content partnership team will be in touch to assist:

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