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Stream your concerts and theatre shows direct to households around the world via an established consumer-ready TV App

The evolving Home Entertainment release window brings a world of possibilities.


We'd love to welcome you into the StagePlayer+ eco-system. An award winning, Hollywood-grade Pay Per View streaming service, that is ready to distribute your content directly to audiences via their favourite TV device or platform.


How can StagePlayer+ help your business?

Benefit from clustering with the best concerts & shows in an already established, consumer available TV App.

Available in over 500M households worldwide

  • Pay Per View

  • 48-hour rental

  • Subscription options

  • Live

  • As Live

  • Pre-recorded options

Unique content partner revenue & data share model


All uploading and onboarding costs are covered


24/7 customer care for your viewers


Ticketing, Billing & Treasury support

Marketing support - from social media to press office 

StagePlayer+ is a unique collaborative service operated by Player+ and available as a dedicated app on TV devices and platforms, including FireTV, Samsung*, LG*, Android TV* and AppleTV* together with desktop and mobile browser versions at

*TV Apps on these additional platforms and devices to be released in Q2 2023

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